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Riviera dei Fiori - from Cervo to Ventimiglia

Villages Liguria - Excursions

For Culture lovers

A walk back in time: climbing along Cervo stairways means making a jump back of one thousand years.
The heaped houses of the small town are dominated by the magnificentChurch of the Corallini. It is the Parish Church dedicated to St. Giovanni Battista built between the 17th and 18th Century and the name of “Corallini” was given to it because it was built by the contributions of the coral fishermen of the area to get divine protection in their risky work.
The Church stands out against the sky with its Baroque façade facing southwest.

In the sunny days, it is a sort of mirror that let the slim colours of the plaster shine. In front, the church square is a sort of balcony-stage overlooking the sea. The expression stage is not exaggerated or inopportune: for a long time it has found its true exaltation.
In fact this is the small square where the International Chamber Music Festival, one of the most prestigious appointments since decades of the summer in the Riviera, takes places.
From the architectural point of view, Cervo has been delightfully intact and can be a good representation of how Ligurian villages looked like not too many years ago. 
How to get there: The walk in the village must be done rigorously on foot, leaving the Aurelia Road and climbing on thousand of steps and walking up and down along the “Carugi”.

For nature lovers

IThe path of the Orchids: itinerary between sea and land
From the centre of the village of Cervo cross the terraced fields, where olive-trees prevail, surrounded by the scents of the Maquis, until to reach the pine-wood of the Ciapà park at Colle di Cervo. Here it is possible to admire different species of wild Orchids, small almost regal presences close to simpler essences.

The street of the oil: precious product of the nature
In the hinterland among Cervo-Imperia-Taggia, among the hills of Villa Faraldi, Diano Castello, Pontedassio, Chiusanico, Torria, Lucinasco, Prelà, Dolcedo and Piani you will be welcomed by endless olive groves, terraced fields, meticulous divisions by dry walls. Here you can cover either on foot or by mountain bike well signalled and painstaking paths. Splendid sceneries in a luxuriant nature overlooking the sea.
Here in autumn you meet groups of farmers going to the oil mills with their nets full of olives.
It is a nature celebration offering men a precious and ancient product. From the small producers with ancient stone oil mills, to great firms exporting all over the world the rich product. In Imperia you can visit the Olive Museum of Oneglia, where you will be able to know the ancient oil production.

For Eating Lovers

Mint, marjoram, sage, basil, borage... Ligurian gardens are really unique, their perfumes aromatize fish, meat, filling for pasta. A cuisine based on simple and delicate ingredients. The water of the Gulf is rich in shellfishes and molluscs, anchovies and fishes with a white and tender meat. 

Cheeses coming from the valleys of the hinterland, Pieve di Teco, Ormea, trim the simplest tables of the Inns and taverns you can find in the old villages, Tovo Faraldi, Diano Borrello, Diano Castello; while the most famous restaurants along the harbour of Oneglia and Porto Maurizio of Imperia will surprise you for their rich receipts.

For relax and fun lovers

Free or equipped beaches ideal for families with children, a waterfront away from the dangers of the traffic, San Bartolomeo al mare is a pleasant and harmonious town, cheered by numerous initiatives both for children and adults.
Not far from San Bartolomeo al mare, few kilometres from Bordighera, you can find important Thermal baths in Pigna.
Pigna is a typical ancient town offering typical Mediterranean accommodation where you can enjoy of all psychophysical benefits of its sulphurous water
The waters of Pigna thermal baths gush out from the ancient source called denominated "Madonna Assunta" located in the homonymous village, this water is particularly suitable in rheumatology, otolaryngology and pneumology pathologies, as well as in dermatologic field for its sulphurous components.
2 external swimming pools surrounded by nature and one internal give the possibility to enjoy of the therapeutic properties of the water.

Festival and events

    taking place from January to May with food and wine, sport and naturalistic events.
    Basil, herbs and scents of Diano Gulf, a biennial event taking place during the first week end of May and promoting use and importance of herbs.
This is only a small part of what you can find in our Riviera, but what we really cannot describe is our wish to let you stay a real and memorable holiday!
We are looking forward to your visit, you will be welcomed!

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